PENDLE MP Andrew Stephenson has welcomed evidence of a Government clampdown on foreign vehicles being driven in the UK without been registered.

The news comes after evidence emerged of a rise in out of court settlements and it was confirmed a new enforcement process is being piloted.

It is legal to drive a foreign registered vehicle for up to six months.

After that, it needs to be registered by law and drivers caught breaking the rules get written to and offered an out of court settlement.

Pendle residents had contacted Mr Stephenson to raise concerns that the six-month restriction was not being enforced after seeing a rise in foreign number plates.

According to answer’s Mr Stephenson received after raising concerns in Parliament, 2014 is on course to see a record number of out of court settlement letters issued by the DVLA.

Since April, 237 have been issued – way more than the 84 issued during the whole of the previous financial year.

Mr Stephenson said: “This is evidence that the problem is finally being taken seriously by the DVLA after allowing it to go unaddressed for too long.

“I welcome the rise in enforcement action.”

The DVLA is also working with the police to pilot a new enforcement process that will involve the DVLA providing police forces with registration numbers of foreign registered vehicles that may have overstayed.

But Mr Stephenson said different government departments would have to commuicate to make the campaign a success.

He said: “Different arms of Government need to work together on this.

“I am pleased this is now happening, but there is still more work needed.”