A PLEDGE has been made that cash should be available to help shore up a flood-hit Pendle town in the wake of problems being experienced in the south.

Council bosses have indicated £40,000 should be available to complete flood defence works in Earby, as part of a £157,000 initiative.

Around £179,000 had been set aside for relief operations in Pendle Council’s financial plan for 2013-14 and discussions had been held over ‘de-allocating’ the money for other priorities.

But Coun David Whipp told an executive meeting that leaving aside £40,000 would trigger the release of around £50,000 promised via various local planning approvals.

He said: “Given the national issues at the moment – although fortunately we have escaped severe flooding – Water Street is not named Water Street for no reason.

“Historically there has been severe flooding down there. All of these little schemes are reducing the risk that bit further.

“The hope is that the Environment Agency may carry out a much larger scheme, which would give us a more significant reduction, but that is probably receding into the distance now.”

Council leader Joe Cooney said: “I am fairly confident that, as has been discussed, the work that needs to be carried out will be. We can only look at the national picture where decisions on allocations of funding have put off and they are suffering the consequences they are now.”

The £90,000 schemes would see perimeter strengthening carried out on Keb Bridge, to prevent the town’s beck overflowing on to Water Street, and drainage work undertaken.

Two similar schemes totalling £52,500 and £15,000 have either been completed by, or will be carried out with the support of, Lancashire County Council, the executive heard.