PENDLE MP Andrew Stephenson has responded to pressure from a Nelson councillor to get a post box installed outside the town centre post office.

Mr Stephenson said: “When the Nelson Post Office was relocated the local collections manager decided against a new post box outside because literally 50 yards around the corner is a large pillar box.

“For Royal Mail to move a post box there has to be a compelling operational or efficiency reason.

“The post box is currently located in the town centre on the main road and affords easy collection for postmen.

“Moving it would incur a significant cost and the Royal Mail feel the business case for this is not robust.”

“Nelson Post Office does have the option of arranging a post box to be sited within the branch, which would be in addition to the outdoor post box 50 yards away.”

He added: “This would surely be most logical solution if the issue is ease of access to a post box for their own customers.”