HEAVY rainfall in Earby has caused sewage to flow on to the streets of the town.

Councillors have demanded action over the incidents during the past couple of weeks, which have seen heavy downpours force sewage water to the surface at five locations in the town.

Yorkshire Water said the incidents were ‘regrettable’.

Coun Morris Horsfield said: “Three sewers on Victoria Road, including ones outside the Co-op and the chemist, as well as sewers on Water Street and the bottom of Stoney Bank Road, all overflowed.

“In addition to foul water, toilet paper came up and people were walking through it. What concerned me was that kids walking home from school were getting splashed.

“It’s an absolute disgrace and I’m disgusted with Yorkshire Water. They’re not fit for purpose.”

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “While it’s regrettable this happened, we need to look at how we could capture that sewer water more effectively.”