A CAR smashed through a window and into a finance company after losing control in Leeds Road, Nelson.

The Ford Focus failed to stop at a busy junction, lost control and ploughed into Flexi Finance at about 7.45pm on Tuesday.

The driver fled the scene and the car was seized for forensic tests.

Mohammad Saddique, owner of the business, said: “My brother was working in the office upstairs and he said it felt like a bomb had gone off.

“The whole building shook.

“People came from houses and businesses a few streets away and they had heard the bang too.

“All the car was virtually inside the shop. Only the back end could be seen from the street.

“There’s glass everywhere and we have had to board all the front of the office up.

“This is the second time a car has driven into the front of the building.

“It happened about two years ago when a drunk driver went through the window.

“It’s lucky no-one has been killed and that no-one was working downstairs.”

He said he hoped to be able to carry on trading.

Pennine Duty Inspector Andy Carter said: “The car went through the shop window at around 7.45pm and the driver fled the scene.

“The car has not been reported stolen and no-one has been injured.

“Police are investigating what has happened. We have seized the car and we will carry out forensic tests.”