A DEAL looks set to be struck which could provide extra parking for town centre workers in Nelson.

Proposals have been drawn up by PEARL (Pendle Enterprise and Regeneration Ltd) to take over New Brown Street car park, providing around 25 spaces.

This would serve staff working in the Enteprise Centre at Number One Market Street, councillors have been told.

And in return PEARL bosses have said that they will provide a sum of £3,000 to maintain the facility near the Ace Centre.

Parking reviews in the recent past have noted that a number of spaces in short-stay sites have been taken up by town centre workers moving their vehicles, to avoid time restrictions.

The designated long-stay car park, at Goitside, beside the former Tesco store, has continued to be an unappealing prospect.

Peter Atkinson, the council’s engineering and special projects manager, said in a report: "There are also seven long-stay business permit bays (at Goitside) for an annual cost of £140 per annum each.

"At the time of writing this report, none of these bays has been utilised."

Mr Atkinson believes that the move would encourage more businesses to consider moving into the enterprise centre, which is part of the ACE complex.

But members of the Nelson area committee, due to meet on January 7, still have to agree to the changes.

Previous attempts to introduce business permit parking at New Brown Street, Every Street and Cuba Street were eventually rejected by the borough’s executive.

Currently there are 621 parking spaces available in Nelson – including 311 short-stay spots. This does not include the Pendle Rise car park, where there are a further 314 long-stay bays.