HORSES let loose to roam a neighbourhood are posing a danger, according to a councillor.

The animals are being regularly spotted in Oswaldtwistle where they have upset a number of people in the New Lane area.

Complaints to councillors and police officers say the animals are creating a traffic hazard and damaging the pitch at Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Cricket Club.

Police said they were investigating after receiving a number of complaints, and urged the public to get in touch with any information about who may own them.

Oswaldtwistle councillor Peter Britcliffe said: “They have been seen running down New Lane, which is clearly a traffic hazard.

"It is also clearly dangerous for them to be let loose on their own. If they came across somebody unexpectedly or were surprised by a child, they could be frightened and kick out or bolt.

“I think it is a problem that must be dealt with as a matter of urgency and I hope the police get to the bottom of who owns them.”

Paul Dignan, of Immanuel Cricket Club, said the horses had made their way onto the club’s field a dozen times in a matter of weeks.

He said: “They are going right into the middle on to the cricket square which is making a lot of extra work for the grounds staff.”

Sgt Craig Shaw, from Accrington police, said: “Police officers are collating evidence with a view to summonsing the owners for allowing horses to run loose on the highway.

“We plan to present evidence to the court and urge any members of the public who have any evidence to add or who have concerns to get in touch.”