A 50-YEAR-old grandma caught stealing perfume from Debenhams later admitted to police she was trying to pay of a historic drug debt.

Blackburn magistrates heard Lisa Cooper was seen putting fragrances worth more than £400 in her handbag before she was detained by Mall security staff.

Cooper, of Cross Street, Oswaldtwistle, pleaded guilty to theft. She was fined £80 and ordered to pay £30 victim surcharge.

Damien Pickup, defending, said his client had been a prolific offender until 2013 because she had a heroin addiction.

"About that time she made a concerted effort to turn her life around and she has been clear of heroin for several years," said Mr Pickup. "She is now effectively a full time grandma. Unfortunately, a couple of months ago, her past caught up with her."

Mr Pickup said a former dealer who she owed money to was released from a lengthy prison sentence.

"He found out where she lived and demanded the money she owed," said Mr Pickup. "She tells me she was actually being watched as she committed this offence. She has now got family and friends helping her repay this debt and she ensures the court it is not going to happen again."