PARKING issues on a stretch of road where a man was knocked down need to be resolved to stop a ‘potential fatality’, a councillor has warned.

Coun Tim O’Kane, who represents Clayton-le-Moors, said the problems on the hill near the Conservative Club, in Whalley Road, had become so bad that he worried somebody could be killed.

A man was knocked down on the stretch last month and suffered serious injuries after trying to negotiate his way between two parked cars.

Coun O’Kane said he had been working with the police to stop people from parking illegally.

He said: “There has already been one serious accident at this spot and the next one could be a fatality.

“People should not be parking in front of the Conservative Club. It is against the Highway Code to park on the brow of a hill.

“It was mostly people with disabled badges, but then it became anybody and everybody parking there.”

Coun O’Kane has had numerous complaints from residents and businesses in the area stressing how dangerous they think the situation is.

He said officers had already visited the busy road to ask all drivers, even those with disabled badges, to move on.

The road on the Conservative Club side is marked with a red shaded in area with a white outline advising motorists that they should not park there.

The councillor added: “People decided to just park up and leave their vehicles there for hours at a time.

“I have seen an improvement since the police took the action, but it needs to continue.

“It is just wrong for people to park there.”