A COUNCIL has joined a co-ordinated bid to clamp down on unauthorised traveller encampments.

Hyndburn Council is the latest borough to join a Pennine Lancashire-wide protocol for the management of illegal camps.

A report recommending the move to the borough’s councillors said the rise in numbers of illegal encampments had meant a significant draw on other resources, such as environmental services and policing.

The move comes as a result of Hyndburn Council’s deputy leader Clare Pritchard working with other Pennine Lancashire councils, and Lancashire police, to explore, and find, solutions.

Officers have been issued with a ‘Managing Unauthorised Encampments Call-Out Pack’, which contains a copy of the protocol, duplicate copies of the letters and forms required, and a personal alarm.

The protocol will see Lancashire County Council and the police involved in partnership throughout, and legal procedures implemented at an early stage.