A MAN diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour has set up the ‘In Between Ears’ - a support group for young people with the disease.

Jason Lynchehaun, known as Jay, was told he had a brain tumour 15 months ago after suffering a mini stroke.

Jay, 26, from Kingsway, Great Harwood, underwent an operation to remove 50 per cent of the tumour, followed by an intensive course of chemotherapy and radio therapy to reduce the remaining mass.

The car enthusiast also had to give up his job as a senior mechanic at Citroen in Nelson. He now finds it difficult to read and write, has a deteriorating memory and sometimes his movement is affected.

But despite this he decided to form a charity to support young people with the illness, which he named the In Between Ears - a play on the popular Channel 4 series the Inbetweeners, which also features a character called Jay.

The group’s official launch night was held on Thursday night at Ewood Park’s Red Rose Suite.

His mum Sharon Hacking said: “It’s a very little known about cancer but it’s usually a death sentence.

“It kills more people under the age of 40 than any other cancer.

“He wants to raise awareness and get more people diagnosed earlier. Symptoms normally include headaches, which many doctors just put down to migraines.

“He was 25 when he was diagnosed and all the support groups out there were for an older age group where people sit in a circle, drink tea and talk about cancer. That isn’t what he wanted to do.

“A couple of months ago he said he wanted to start a support group for young adults. At their monthly meetings he wants the group to do things like go bowling, go to the cinema, or to the pub for a drink.”

She said other young people in the area with brain tumours had shown interest in the group via Twitter and a Facebook group, which already had around 600 likes.

She said: “I’m extremely proud of him. He’s not very well and the side effects of the chemotherapy, radio therapy and cancer mean that he is tired all the time. Instead of just lying in bed, he’s doing something to help others like him.”

A zumbathon is being held on Saturday, February 9 at Holy Souls church hall in Brownhill between 2.30pm and 3.30pm, 3.45pm and 4.45pm.

For more information about the group follow the In Between Ears on Facebook.