STAFF at a leading East Lancashire secondary school have delighted Accrington young people with their dancing YouTube version of the global hit Gangnam Style.

The video - which features Mount Carmel RC High head Xavier Bowers in his office and includes several male teachers in the changing rooms clad in towels - has been watched more than 3,000 times.

But it has also left one leading councillor concerned about the message it sends out.

While the school staff’s take on the Korean pop song has been a hit with pupils and their friends, former Tory Hyndburn council leader Peter Britcliffe said he was not impressed.

His concerns about the video undermining respect for teachers however have been dismissed by Mr Bowers and governor Monsignor John Daly.

Teachers, cleaners and receptionists at the Accrington school were filmed dancing PSY’s trademark gallop throughout the corridors. Staff also stop staged teachers’ meetings and surprise children in classrooms.

Staff can be seen dancing in the school minibus, in the sports changing rooms wearing strategically-placed towels, and in the school’s reception galloping while throwing imaginary lassoes into the air.

Even a biology class skeleton is seen to try the Gangnam moves.

The YouTube video, named Gangnam Final, carries the message: “You will never see our staff in the same light again!”.

The climax of the video sees staff gathering to dance together in the school gym.

Peter Britcliffe said: “I am not a killjoy but I have looked at the piece, which is being discussed all over Accrington. It is the talk of the town’s young people.

“Having viewed it myself, while most of it is just good fun, there are parts of it certainly that might not improve the respect there should be between teachers and pupils.”

Mr Bowers said: “As far as Mr Britcliffe’s comment, I can assure him that this kind of thing strengthens the relationship between teachers, pupils and parents who have given us an overwhelmingly good response. This is a spoof, like the one done by soldiers serving in Afghanistan.”

Monsignor Daly said: “It is just a harmless bit of fun.”

To watch the school’s version of Gangnam Style visit and search for Gangnam Final