A STREET artist has used Accrington and Rossendale College as his latest canvas.

Aroe, a member of LA’s prestigious MSK graffiti crew and Europe’s finest HA (Heavy Artillery) Crew, has had his work shown all across the globe from New York to Milan and Dubai to Hollywood and has a huge following on both sides of the Atlantic.

The artist yesterday took time out of his busy schedule to produce an iconic piece for the college – on the outside of its Accrington campus.

Tamsin Deasey from the college said: “Aroe is a world-renowned graffiti artist who creates real masterpieces and his work is internationally recognised.

“He has worked with clients ranging from Disney to Playstation and he was recently featured in Rolling Stone magazine. We are privileged that such a huge artist has come to our Accrington campus to create a permanent work of art that not just our students, but also the local community can enjoy.

“The large scale artwork, which needed scaffolding erected to complete, is positioned on the exterior of the college building so that we are not confining who can enjoy it.

“Our students are absolutely thrilled to get the chance to see a master at work and we have a whole host of students ranging from painting and decorating to media and design who will learn from watching him at work.

“We realise that this is very unique to have such a huge named graffiti artist placing his artwork on an educational institution but we believe strongly that this is an excellent place for it.

“We believe in being innovative in order to create a passion in our students and give them the best learning experience that they can.”

Aroe was at Accrington and Rossendale College’s Broad Oak Campus, Accrington, for four hours.

College principal, Lynda Mason, said: “It was made clear throughout, that Accrington and Rossendale College does not condone illegal graffiti in any way, but does welcome the skills, knowledge and creative abilities of the true artist at their work.”