GLOSSY recycling calendars have been branded ‘an obscene waste of money’ by opposition councillors.

Hyndburn Council’s ruling Labour group have this year spent £36,000 on the calendars which serve as a handy reminder of when to recycle.

The decision comes just three years after the group boycotted the Conservatives’ official calendars costing £2,000 over claims that they were a waste of public funds.

However, Labour council leader Miles Parkinson said the calendars had a number of uses.

He said: “There are more than 36,000 properties in Hyndburn. The biennial calendars cost around 55p each a year, equal to just over a penny a week, to inform residents of their collection dates.

“It also doubles as a customer survey, and contains extra information about recycling services.

“If we didn’t produce these, we would somehow have to inform every resident about collections at certain times, such as bank holidays and Christmas.

“In future years, it will be under review like everything else, but this year we are still capable of providing these calendars for residents.”

Opposition leader Peter Britcliffe said he was amazed at the decision to fund the calendar when money was so tight.

The calendar is a 24-page, two- year calendar on glossy paper decorated with a number of recycling tips. Coun Britcliffe said: “An A4 sheet would have done just as well, if one was needed at all. Ironically, this calendar would be hard to recycle because it has metal parts.

“In the beginning of the recycling days, it was more important to remind people when recycling was taking place.

“But everyone is used to it now. No-one needs a guide for the next two years – not at this price, when we are supposed to be tightening our belts.”