AN MP has welcomed new government rules which will clamp down on metal thieves and rogue scrap collectors.

Hyndburn MP Graham Jones has been campaigning for tougher scrap metal legislation to be included in the new Scrap Metal Dealers Bill, now making its way through the House of Lords. Mr Jones said he was ‘delighted’ the government have taken on board some of his points.

He said: “I am pleased to see that my amendments requiring itinerant metal collectors to display large visible license badges has been accepted by the government.

“This means that only licensed itinerant metal collectors can pick up metal, and they must display large badges on their vehicles, in the same way as taxis. It is very important that the public can see who itinerant dealers are - and who are not – if we are to effectively clamp down on criminal and rogue collectors.

“Though the Government was initially sceptical of the idea, during committee stage members from all parties rallied around my proposals.”