A PROPERTY owner has been ordered to pay more than £6,000 for failing to comply with two notices served on him by Hyndburn Council.

Hyndburn Magistrates’ Court heard that one notice required residential landlord Colin Hooper to glaze the living room window of a rented property, in Lodge Street, Accrington.

The other required lots of external repairs to be made to a rental property in Exchange Street, Accrington.

This involved removing waste, including furniture and a mattress from the yard, rep-airs to doors and windows, and cutting back an overgrown bush at the front of the prop-erty.

Despite being given remin-ders during the summer, and chances to carry out the work, Mr Hooper failed to comply with the notices, and the coun-cil carried out the remedial work.

This landed him in court, where Hyndburn magistrates found Mr Hooper guilty of offences under Section 216 of the Town and Country Plann-ing Act 1990.

Mr Hooper was fined £400, with a £15 victim surcharge on each charge, and was ordered to pay £1,172 prosecution costs.

In addition, Mr Hooper was ordered to pay compensation to the council of £4,071 for the repair work it had carried out.

Deputy council leader, Coun Clare Pritchard, said: “We’ve had neighbours complaining about these properties and have given ample opportunities for the work to be carried out.

“Properties in disrepair have a negative impact on an area and we’ve always said we would take a hard line on those who let their properties fall into disrepair and take them to court, where necessary. “