A ROW an over overgrown path on unadopted land could finally be resolved after a local firm vowed to sort the problem.

Residents of Redvers Road in Darwen have branded, the moss covered path that runs parallel to the stream ‘disgusting’.

The greenery that grows around the waterway has not been cut back in more than two years, causing it to block the stream and stop the water flowing.

The stream then overflows when it rains, spilling out onto the footpath which is now covered in moss.

But now, nearby Ciceley Ltd has it will consult with a landscape contractor to sort the issue.

One resident said: “It’s disgusting, the whole ginnel is a mess.

“There’s dog muck and rubbish everywhere, it’s a disgrace and it’s dangerous.

“The stream should be about three foot wide but it’s all blocked up with plants and when it rains it over flows.

“Loads of moss has grown on the path, so now when it rains the path becomes very slippy, someone will slip and break their neck one day.”

The greenery that surrounds the stream had been maintained by the council, however two years ago a fence was installed along the waterway and the council stopped tending the greenery.

The resident said: “People have been arguing over this issue for a long time.

“They used to maintain it but they stopped for some reason.

“The fence was put up as people were complaining about the state of the greenery, but no one ever came to cut it back.”

The Lancashire Telegraph contacted nearby business Arco who consulted their property deeds and found that the land is owned by neighbouring Ciceley Ltd.

Landlord of Arcro premises Michael Solomon said: “My lawyer did a search for me and it seems Cicely Commercials owns the land that includes the footpath.

“If I need to meet anyone on site to discuss I will do so as my land and Cicely’s boarder each other, but by my reasoning the footpath in question is easily on Cicely’s land.”

Colin Briggs, chief executive of Ciceley Ltd, said: “We do not own the land, we are the tenants.

“The ditch in question is subject to maintenance by a landscape contractor.

“I have made them aware of the reported issues and they will be dealt with in consideration to wildlife and habitat at the appropriate time of year.”