A CHIP shop in Burnley has gone on sale for just £9,000.

Brunshaw Fish and Chips is amongst the cheapest chippies in the country, with many being sold for between five and 10 times the price.

The National Fish Friers Federation said the successful business in Brunshaw Avenue should be on the market for at least £16,000 and called the asking price an ‘absolute bargain’.

The offer, which includes all the kitchen and dining equipment needed to run the shop, salad bar and restaurant, was prompted by owners the Francioli family, from Crawshawbooth, after a member of the family was struck down with a terminal illness.

Siblings Abigail, 30, and Ben, 28, who ran the shop together, began to have to take time out from running the business to care for their father Louis, 65, who fell seriously ill with cancer 18 months ago.

In February, Abigail put the shop on the market for £16,500 as a going concern.

Their mother Michaela, 59, also helped out with the shop while looking after her husband and working full-time.

When Louis died last month, the family were no longer able to keep running the shop and shut it for good.

They dropped the asking price to £9,000 in the hope of attracting a quick sale.

Abigail, who also runs a nursery in Radcliffe, said: “We built the shop up from the ground, turning it from an out-of-date chip shop to a thriving business and increasing the profit 400 per cent, turning over between £500 and £800 a week.

“We loved running it as a family. My dad did the accounts, mum helped out after work, and me and Ben ran the place. I’m really sad to have to give it up, but we just can’t afford the time to run it any more.

“We’d love it to remain a fish and chip shop.”

Andrew Crook, treasurer of the National Fish Friers Federation, said: “Burnley’s gone through a lot of changes, including the demographic no longer all being the usual fish and chip-eating people.

“But this is an absolute bargain and would be a brilliant start-up business for someone willing to put the time into making it successful again.”

For more information about the shop, call Michelle at Empire Estates on 01282 449922.