ROSSENDALE's MP and a ward councillor are calling for urgent action to ease chaotic traffic outside a school before a child is injured.

Parents of children at Waterfoot Primary School, in Wolfenden Green, continue to park in the narrow cul-de-sac blocking residents’ driveways at peak times, despite the school sending ‘regular letters reminding parents of the danger and inadvisability of doing so’, according to its headteacher.

Jake Berry said: “Waterfoot Primary is an amazing building, but whoever was responsible for planning the access in and out of the school has got a lot to answer for.

At a recent meeting myself, Coun Karl Kempson and local parents discussed a number of options to resolve the situation and the council have agreed to look into them. I am very clear that no action is not an option and we must find a solution before there is an accident.”

Coun Kempson said: “As the local councillor for Waterfoot, I know dozens of families who have raised this as a problem. Lancashire County Council must do something before a child gets hurt.”

Headteacher Simon Jones said: “The biggest issue the school faces remains with cars coming down Wolfenden Green to park, despite an advisory notice to the contrary, and regular letters reminding parents of the danger and inadvisability of doing so, which is also part of the school prospectus.

“We also run a ‘Golden Boot’ award to encourage children to come on foot.

“The school has met with LCC representatives and the local MP to help improve the situation, but it still remains a concern for the school.

“We hope that the renewed interest in the issue by elected representatives will help find an effective solution.”

A Lancashire County Council spokesman said: “A number of issues were discussed at the meeting and we're currently looking into them.”