A MOTORCYCLIST who clocked almost 130mph as he tried to get away from police on the A56, has been banned.

Karl Warburton, 38, had been over-taking and undertaking on the dual carriageway, and almost caused a head-on crash when he went the wrong way up a slip road, even though he had lost the police.

The officer in pursuit, with an on-board camera, had been doing 128mph and couldn’t catch him.

The builder’s solicitor told Burnley Crown Court he had been exhilarated by his new motorbike, but a judge slammed his actions as ‘total madness’ and terrifying, and asked: “Who does that when they are 38? Did he want to die? Is he fully insured, does he want his partner to get the money?”

Warburton, of Burnley Road, Padiham, had admitted dangerous driving, last June 30. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, and was banned for 18 months. He must pay £250 costs.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, said at 1pm, a police officer in an un-marked car spotted a motorcycle light in his mirror.

It went past him, and the officer accelerated to more than 120mph to try to catch Warburton. The officer activated his blue lights, but Warb-urton failed to stop.

Mr Parker said at Haslingden, a couple were travelling along a slip road to join the A56, to travel towards Bury, when Warburton went the wrong way up the road. The motorcycle had to swerve to avoid the car in front of them, and then flew past them.

The couple went onto the dual carriageway, saw the officer’s car with the blue flashing lights, assumed he was probably looking for the motorbike and phoned the police. The police had managed to get the bike's registration number.

A notice of intended prosecution was sent to Warburton and he said he had been the driver. He was invited to the police station for interview, and when the CCTV was shown to him, he was reluctant to watch. He made no comment. He had nine offences on his record.

Helen Sechiari, for Warburton, said he did not realise at first a pol-ice car was behind him and, when he did, he panicked.

The barrister said: “He just got lost in the moment. He was exhilarated by his new motorcycle.”

Miss Sechiari said Warburton had put his business and home in jeopardy, as well as the employment of the two men who worked for him.

Sentencing, Judge Beverley Lunt told Warburton: “Your speed was terrifying. Your overtaking and undertaking were terrifying. The people in other cars must have been absolutely shocked. You put other people at risk, and that is just unforgivable.”