A POPULAR tourist attraction in Rossendale ordered to close by the borough council is making another attempt to stay open.

Animal Quackers, a petting farm at Huttock Top Farm, in Bacup, was refused permission to operate by planning bosses last November.

Councillors unanimously refused the retrospective application after raising concerns about highways access, and the impact on neighbours. It had previously been operating without permission since 2007.

Now owner Terry Bork has submitted another retrospective application for a change of use of land, and associated buildings, at the farm for agricultural use, to mixed use for agriculture, and as a petting farm.

The petting farm has received support from a 1,000-strong Facebook petition, as well as help and advice from MP Jake Berry.

Mr Berry said: “The council should be doing everything it can to support local businesses here in the Valley. We want to work with the council to make sure this tourist attraction is kept open.”