A CAMPAIGN is being launched to improve safety on one of East Lancashire’s ‘most dangerous roads’.

It comes after a crash in Roundhill Road, Haslingden, in which a man had to be cut from the car he was travelling in.

He was taken to hospital with a suspected back injury.

County Coun David Stansfield, who represents West Rossendale, including Haslingden and Helmshore, is now calling for the speed limit to be reduced to 30mph along the entire one-mile stretch.

Currently, drivers are allowed to travel at 40mph and 50mph in different sections.

Coun Stansfield said: “There needs to be some drastic steps taken and taken fast. “This road is one of the most dangerous roads going and I am very concerned this one will be another Grane Road.

“I would love to see 30mph limits put in place from the top of the hill all the way through to the lights.

“But if it is done, it needs to be policed.”

The councillor, who is also chairman of the Rising Bridge and Hud Hey Residents’ Association, said he would be meeting with other group members to discuss what actions need to be taken.

As well as a reduction in the speed limit, he said he also wanted to see HGVs banned from the road.

He said: “The road is not suitable to be a main road for heavy vehicles.

“There is a big, big problem. The vehicles are causing damage to the homes.

“We will have a meeting of the association in the next couple of weeks and we will set up a plan to have the speed reduced and probably to get some sort of cameras.

“It is all very well Lancashire County Council to put in measures and the police to say nobody has been killed on that road, but that is not the point.

“We cannot wait until there has been a serious accident.”

Ray Bennett, principal highway engineer for Rossendale at the county council, said: "We will discuss this incident at our next traffic liaison meeting with the police.

"We do all we reasonably can to improve safety on our roads and will look at the circumstances of the incident to consider whether any action needs to be taken."