A LONG-distance lorry driver came home from a trip to find his Darwen home had been “trashed”.

Blackburn magistrates heard the Nelson woman responsible claimed he was a friend of her mother’s, and she had gone to invite him to a Hallowe’en party.

She was traced by police as a result of blood she left at the scene.

Faye Danielle Wharton, 25, of Milton Street, pleaded guilty to burglary at a house, in Lightbown Street, with intent to cause unlawful damage.

She was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Pat Bramley, prosecuting, said Wharton was the worse for drink when she broke into the house.

“She caused considerable damage, both breaking in, and inside the house,” said Miss Bramley.

“She cut herself and was traced through DNA.

“The house owner came back and found his house had been trashed,” she added.

Kerry Grieve, defending, said Wharton had never been before the courts before, and was “scared and frightened” to be appearing.