RESIDENTS of an estate where a Brierfield man was killed are calling for more help in tackling anti-social behaviour.

People living on the Standen Hall estate, that borders Burnley and Briercliffe, said youths were coming on to the estate and causing anti-social behaviour.

They said that the number of footpaths, alleyways and shortcuts that link the estate to Burnley, Briercliffe and Harle Syke made it easy for troublemakers to get away.

A number of residents attended the last Briercliffe Parish Council meeting and called for a greater police presence on the estate, as well as the consideration of alleygates being erected to cut off shortcuts.

Coun Roger Frost, who sits on the parish council, said: “It sounds like the residents are having quite a tough time of things, with a catalogue of problems with youths vandalising cars and smashing windows.

“The problem seems to be that the number of footpaths around the estate makes it an easy target, it doesn’t seem to be youngsters who live on the estate causing problems.”

Coun Frost added: “A number of solutions were mentioned, including alleygating which would close off alleys, which was going to be mentioned to Burnley Council.

“But I’m not sure whether that would work as it usually back streets that are gated off, not shortcuts and footpaths.

“They also wanted to see a greater police presence on the estate, and more working between PCSOs from that area and neighbouring wards such as Lanehead.”

Brierfield resident Darren Atkinson, 48, died in hospital nearly two weeks after being attacked while walking along Standen Hall Drive on March 25.

Two boys, aged 16 and 17, have been charged with manslaughter by police over the incident.