BURNLEY College students had their words immortalised in artwork by a Turner Prize-nominated artist.

Among those was Imogen Smith, 18, who saw her words ‘I want to know unknown things about space, time and world secrets’ exhibited in Burnley Library.

The artwork was unveiled as part of the project ‘What I want more than anything else’, which aimed youngsters from across the borough to portray their thoughts and opinions in public spaces.

Miss Smith worked with contemporary artist Mark Titchner to create a large colourful banner with her work.

Miss Smith said: “I have always been fascinated with the unknown elements of the world and universe.

“It both excites and terrifies me that there are things so extreme taking place in the world that I will never know about.

“If I could have anything, I would want to know the answers to all my unanswerable questions.

“Working with Mark has been an amazing opportunity, and has been a real eye opener to the whole process he goes through to create his work.”.

Miss Smith’s work, and other students works, which consist of banners, flags, screen-based works and murals exhibited in and around Burnley Library, Burnley College, Burnley Market Hall and Burnley Youth Theatre until January 31.

Miss Smith said: “As an artist myself, it’s been amazing for me to see how a reputable artist works, and to see the “behind the scenes” of a project.

“He was always keen to ensure my voice was heard, and helped me greatly throughout.”

“I’m thrilled my words are being shown permanently at Burnley Library; it’s such a beautiful library and the words are being presented in such a unique and exciting way."

It was purchased by Burnley Library and Lancashire County Council using the Stocks Massey Bequest Fund.

Mr Titchner, said: “It’s been a privilege working closely with a group of young people.

“I felt Imogen’s words seemed to reflect the uncertainty felt by many young people growing up in an increasingly chaotic and dangerous world.”