A THUG who hit man with a baseball bat after breaking into a house has been jailed.

Aaron Cormack, forced his way into his girlfriend's home after a row and hit Ennis Artuner so hard with the bat it broke in half, Burnley Crown Court heard.

The court heard Cormack, 22, of Coal Clough Lane, Burnley, had visited his girlfriend, Kirsty Fairclough at her home in the town.

After a row, Cormack left but then heard there was a man at her house and returned at around 1am with Matthew Desmond Irvine, 26, and another man.

Prosecuting, David Clarke said Miss Fairclough was on her sofa with her mother, Tracey Ibbotson, when they heard a bang and a smash.



He said: “Mr Artuner was struck so hard the bat split.

“Mrs Ibbotson ran outside for help from her neighbours.

“She was left very shaken and scared by the attack.

“She was scared for her daughter’s safety."

After fighting on the living room floor, the men went outside and continued to argue, the court heard.

Cormack and the third man left but Irvine, of Sycamore Avenue, Burnley, re-entered the house and picked up a kitchen knife.

After brandishing the knife, Irvine put it down at the request of Mrs Ibbotson, who he then pushed.

When the police arrived, they could smell alcohol on Irvine’s breath.

Phil Holden, defending Irvine, said: “He put the knife down when told to by a neighbour.

“He did not start to to try to use it or threaten anyone with it.

“He is going to use his time in custody sensibly. He hopefully wants to get back to work when he is released and he intends to go back and live with his mother.”

Cormack, representing himself, told the court: “I have got family to feed, I have to look after them.

“What I did was not called for, I regret it.

“I paid for the damage, I have apologised to everyone.

“It was one year ago and I have done nothing since.”

Cormack and Irvine pleaded guilty to affray and Irvine also pleaded guilty to having an offensive weapon and common assault.

Cormack was sent to prison for 12 months and Irvine for 20 months.

Recorder Gary Woodhall said: “This was a joint enterprise.

“You must understand that arming yourself with weapons is a very serious criminal offence.

“In my judgement these are so serious only a custodial sentence can be justified.”