A CRACK cocaine addict completely emptied her mum's bank account after stealing her debit card.

Blackburn magistrates heard the mum was left with 5p to her name and had to borrow to buy food after two years of trying to help her daughter overcome her problems.

Leeanne Haworth, 38, of Elgin Crescent, Burnley, pleaded guilty to theft of personal and household items and a bank card which was used to withdraw money belonging to Moira Walch.

She was committed to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said the defendant had drug problems for much of her life but for the last two years had been living at her mother's home.

"During that time there has been a lot of money borrowed and reluctantly given which has been used for drugs," said Mrs Mann. "Money has now stopped being given and as a result items have started to disappear. Jewellery, a coffee machine, a vacuum cleaner and clothing have all gone missing."

Mrs Mann said matters came to a head when Mrs Walch's bank card was taken and money taken from her account.

"She was left with no money and had to borrow to buy food," said Mrs Mann. "At this point she realised she couldn't go on and contacted the police."

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said his client started using crack cocaine which took hold of her very quickly.

"She is unwell because of it and freely admits she needs help," said Mr Taylor. "Her mother would also like her daughter to receive help and has only involved the police as a last resort."