A 20-YEAR-OLD man allegedly raped a schoolboy at a house in Burnley after the man had had an all day drinking session, a jury was told.

Charles Hodgson was said to have sexually assaulted the frightened young boy, got him to take part in sex acts, and raped him in the early hours abuse.

He then warned him not to tell anybody about what had happened.

A Burnley Crown Court jury heard how the boy told two female friends the next day at school. One of them told her mother, and the alleged victim was then spoken to by a teacher at his school.

Police were called, Hodgson was questioned by officers and gave a “number of different versions of events”.

Hodgson, now 21, of Thurston Street, Burnley, denies rape, sexual assault, and two counts of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, all said to have been committed last June.

Prosecutor Kevin Donnelly told the court Hodgson had been involved in some “fairly serious drinking”, and had had lager and whisky before the alleged offences.

The defendant told the schoolboy that he was “horny” and twice asked him if he wanted to commit a sexual act with him.

The alleged victim said no, but was beginning to feel ‘a little bit shocked’ and disturbed by the defendant’s requests.

Mr Donnelly alleged Hodgson wouldn’t take no for an answer and seemed angry. He began to perform a sex act on the boy, and then instructed the alleged victim to do the same thing to him. The schoolboy felt he had to co-operate and did what was asked of him, although he didn’t want to.

Mr Donnelly said the defen-dant allegedly raped the boy, who tried to push him away, but wasn’t able to do so. The incident was brought to an end when Hodgson heard the sound of footsteps.

The prosecutor said Hodgson was interviewed by police three days later, after a teacher at the boy’s school had taken him to one side and asked him directly what had happened.

Mr Donnelly said it was an interview in which Hodgson “really gave a number of diff-erent versions of events”.

Mr Donnelly alleged to the jury: “The prosecution say even at the end of that interview he wasn’t telling the truth, because he still refused to admit what the boy says took place.”