A BURGLAR's bid to sell a stolen 50-inch Plasma TV, worth £1,000, to two passers-by backfired when they landed him in the arms of the law, a court head.

Daniel Foley, 20, had tried to flog the TV to one of the two women, who knew him, but she refused to buy it.

He then asked for a lift to Padiham to try and raise cash from his haul and she agreed, tricking him into thinking she was lending a hand.

But, unbeknown to Foley, police had been alerted, the woman's friend gave officers a running commentary on the whereabouts of the vehicle by text messages and he was arrested, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Foley, who was subject to a suspended jail term, had stolen the TV after targeting a secluded farmhouse with another man and had struck when the occupants were at home, but were unaware of what was going on.

The defendant, of Gannow Lane, Burnley, admitted burglary and was locked up for a total of 20 months by Judge Jonathan Gibson, who said of the women: “They are to be commended for what they did.”

Kevin Donnelly, prosecuting, said the offence was thought to have taken place between noon and 1pm, when access was gained to a first-floor, teenage boy’s bedroom using ladders left outside.

The intruders went no further into the house, but toiletries, clothing, an iPod and the TV were taken.

The two women were walking near the farmhouse and came across three men, one of them the defendant.

Foley approached the woman he knew and asked for help in moving the television, which was hidden in bushes.

He said she could buy it for £170, she refused and he then offered her £20 to take him to Padiham, where he planned to sell it.

The woman agreed to help, but intended to call the police.