A HUGE amount of rubbish has been fly-tipped at a beauty spot near Darwen.

The dumping took place some time on Sunday night at the Bartridge Barn car park by Entwistle Reservoir.

One user of the reservoir, who did not wish to be named, said it was ‘horrendous’.

He said: “It has obviously come out of a large container as it still has the shape of the container it was in.

“It looks like it is commercial waste. There is a lot of cardboard, pallets and bubble wrap.

“There must be about 20 tonnes of it. I go walking round there a lot, this is horrendous.”

A spokesman from United Utilities, which owns the land, said: “We inspected the site yesterday morning and our fly-tipping contractors will begin the clean up operation today, as they will need to bring in a special vehicle to remove all the debris.

“Secluded areas near reservoirs can be a target for fly-tipping from time to time, but this incident is unusual in terms of the sheer volume of materials dumped, and the fact that the rubbish is compacted, as if it has come from an industrial source.

“A large amount of compacted cardboard and wooden pallets are among the waste. This was a grossly irresponsible and thoughtless act.

“We would certainly be grateful for any information that could help shed light on who has done this.”

Coun Jean Rigby said: “This is disgusting. I am sick of my ward being used as a dumping ground.

“We get all sorts, like people throwing tyres out of their cars, but this tops the lot.

“There must be something among all that that will identify the people responsible and we must take action against them.”