A 23-YEAR-old woman’s sound system has been confiscated after complaints from a neighbour.

Hyndburn Council said it had previously issued an abatement notice on Blaize Young, of Yeadon Close, Church after reports of unacceptable noise levels from her house.

But Miss Young, a media accounts manager according to her Linked In profile, said the action was instigated by one neighbour, with whom she and her partner have had a long-running dispute.

Miss Young, who works for the 2BR radio station, added: “We feel like it’s totally unfair. We’ve tried numerous times to resolve the situation but our attempts have always been refused.

“None of our other neighbours have had any complaints. We rarely have people round making noise. We might have a barbecue every three months or so, but we are a hardworking couple with total respect for the authorities and live normal lives just like everyone else.

“We actually tried to arrange a meeting with the local PCSOs and the council to try and resolve the issue and to find out what the acceptable volume levels are, but to no avail.”

The Lancashire Telegraph spoke to five neighbours in Yeadon Close, four of whom said there had been no problems with the couple.

However, one said: “Things did quieten down a bit after the abatement notice, but then the dance music started up again, playing until the early hours. I’ve had to go over at five in the morning to tell them to turn it down.”

Coun Paul Cox, the council’s cabinet member for environment issues, said: “In this case enforcement officers had served an abatement notice on Blaize Young which was subsequently breached. Therefore they applied for a warrant to enter and seize equipment, which was granted by Blackburn Magistrates on Friday, July 18.

“Enforcement officers acted on the same day, entering and seizing equipment, in the presence of police officers. We take the issue of noise nuisance very seriously.”

Council officers took away two large speakers which had been wired up to her TV.