‘PICNIC Cinema’ is to return to the Ribble Valley this August. Billed as the ‘coolest cinema event in the UK’, it gives film lovers the chance to camp out overnight and watch their favourite flick.

Gisburn Forest will host a screening of 28 Days Later on Wednesday, August 13. Last year, audiences at the same venue were treated to a showing of the 1979 film, Apocalypse Now.

Adrian Lochhead, director of Eden Arts and Picnic Cinema, said “I think the best part is that picnic cinema virgins think it’s just about watching a film in a forest. But of course, we have way more fun than that.

“The feedback we get is fantastic, people tweeting at us to tell us that they had the best night of their year which tells us that we’ve stumbled upon the right recipe.”

For more information, call 01768 899444.