A CORONER has warned revellers about the dangerous effects of a hallucinogenic drug after a Rossendale lifeguard stabbed himself to death.

Dad-to-be Jake Harris, 21, had taken what was then a legal high, known as an ‘N-Bomb’, when he became agitated at a flat in Salford.

Jake, who worked at Whitworth Leisure Centre for five years, tried to throw himself out of a window before repeatedly stabbing himself in the neck with a wine glass.

An inquest into his death, in May last year, heard the drug was behind the deaths of two young men in Australia - one who jumped out of a window and another who beat himself to death.

Tests on Jake’s body showed no evidence of the drug, but assistant Bolton coroner Geoff Saul ruled that there was ‘significant circumstantial evidence’ that he had taken the drug on a strip of paper he believed was soaked in LSD.

Mr Saul recorded a verdict of death by misadventure and issued a warning over the drug.

“On the balance of probability I find that he did take it and he suffered an adverse reaction as a consequence,” he said.

“There are reports of highly disturbed reactions.

“He may have stabbed himself in a frantic attempt to stop the effects of the drug.

"What was thought to be LSD was a substance known as 25I-NBOMe.

"In my judgement there is strong circumstantial evidence that he did in fact take the substance.

"I do not believe he was able to form an intention due to an adverse reaction to the tablet. He did not know what he was doing.

"On the balance of probability there was a deliberate intention by Jake to take the tablet for recreational purposes. There were unintended consequences.

"He had an adverse, sudden reaction. In that reaction he administered the cuts to himself. He did not intend his death to occur."

Jake was living with his grandparents in Littleborough at the time of the incident.