TEENAGE heart-throb Conor Maynard visited Blackburn’s King George’s Hall and his much-anticipated live interview in front of hundreds of fans reduced to crying tears of joy.

But there were tears of disappointment too, after many of the self-claimed Mayniacs’ dreams of meeting the star were dashed.

Minutes after the event ended, the Mayniacs took to social media to complain that they had seen advertisements saying that they would meet the star and have their book signed in person, the way that Conor’s event happened elsewhere, such as Derby and Liverpool, but that this did not happen in Blackburn.

Some, like Lauren Winrow, even Tweeted the star directly, saying: “I think you should do another signing for all those people in Blackburn who got their hopes up to meet you then didn't:”

Book promoter Silverdell, which booked a room at King George’s Hall to house the event, did not respond publicly to any complaints, but Tweeted a link to the Visit Blackburn website, saying “We can only apologise for Visit Blackburn changing our wording without consent.”

Elaine Silverwood, owner of Silverdell, said: “I’m extremely upset that this happened and I am very upset for the fans.

“This event was always billed as a ‘Live in Conversation’ event and we did not promote it as a meet and greet event.

“I am very sorry that fans feel let down but we are unable to issue refunds as this was not our error.”

Claire Ramwell, head of service for culture, leisure and young people, said: “Any organiser that hires King Georges Hall also gets advertisement space on the website publicising their event. Any information displayed on the website is approved by organisers prior to being uploaded.

In this case we understand that this procedure was followed.

“Any information that is posted on the King Georges Hall website is subsequently posted on the Visit Blackburn website.”

For many teenagers, the opportunity to see their hero in their home town was a dream come true.

Tweeting Conor Maynard, Chloe Nixon from Blackburn said: “Blackburn was amazing hope you’re back soon.”