THE parents of a 24-year-old man, who was killed in a ‘one-punch’ town centre attack have visited the place he was attacked to launch a campaign in his name.

Adam Rogers died after being attacked while on a night out with pals in Blackburn when they became involved in an altercation with another group.

The Padiham Ladies’ football coach had been acting as a peacemaker in the incident when he was punched once by William Upton, then aged 16 , hitting his head on the pavement. He later died from head injuries in hospital.

Following his death his parents, Pat and David, set up a charity 'Every Action Has Consequences’, which is aimed at challenging young peoples’ perceptions of violence.

On Saturday Pat and David joined police, Trading Standards and Blackburn with Darwen Comm unity Safety Partnership on Northgate to launch the campaign in the town.

Mr Rogers said: “It’s not a new thing that people like to go out in the evening and have a drink or two and enjoy themselves.

“But it does seem to now, be the point of going out for some young people – to get absolutely legless. It’s a very dangerous state to be in.”

One year ago, Mr Rogers took the brave step of meeting his son’s killer.

The teenager had been sentenced to four years in prison for Adam’s manslaughter in July 2009, of which he served 18 months.

Mr Rogers, from Blackburn, said: “You’re very angry when something like this happens. Initially, that anger is directed at the person who did it, who swung that punch.

“But really what you are angry at is the stupidity of it all. The futility, the senselessness of it all, that’s what you’re really angry about.

“There must be thousands of people who go out underage, like him, get drunk and don’t know what they are doing and think nothing of swinging a punch.

“The consequence of this for Billy Upton is that he has made a mess of his own life as well as ending the life of our son.”

Adam’s mum Pat added: “We appeal to bar staff to be vigilant.

“Under-18s should not be drinking in pubs and clubs.

“For over 18s who enjoy a night out I ask you to be aware of the amount of alcohol you are consuming.

“Alcohol misuse can make you vulnerable in many ways and getting this message out to as wide an audience as possible is important.

“We know from the work we have done so far that we can make a real impact – and we sincerely hope that Adam will continue to make the world a better place even after his death.”

The campaign has already seen 70,000 beer mats and 7,000 posters delivered to pubs and clubs across Lancashire.