A 53-YEAR-OLD Clitheroe woman has been made subject to a restraining order after tormenting her neighbours with loud music and ‘stomping’ up the stairs.

Blackburn magistrates heard that noisy neighbour Jayne Farnworth had been charged with harassment but the prosecution were happy to withdraw the charge as long as she agreed to a restraining order for two years.

The order also took into account that Farnworth has moved out of her home in Coppperfield Close and agreed a 12 months rental starting in December.

The restraining order prohibits Farnworth from going onto Copperfield Close, except between 9am and 5pm until December 10 when the rental starts, residing on Copperfield Close, communicating with Joanne Emmett, Elaine Hensey or Lauren Hensey, or contacting or following the protected people.

Claire Grant, prosecuting, said that between August 10 and September 15 Farnworth had caused her neighbours, Jeanne Emmett, who is in her 70s, her daughter Elaine Hensey and her daughter Lauren, considerable distress.

“The principle cause has been noise coming from the defendant’s property,” said Mrs Grant.

“This has been in the form of music at an unacceptable level and deliberate noise created by stomping up and down stairs.”

Mrs Grant said the aggrieved were desperate for a restraining order which would restore peace and tranquillity.

“The order as it is worded would give them peace of mind that when the period of rental ends the problems will not resume,” said Mrs Grant.

“The defendant received a caution for harassment of an entirely separate person in August and there does seem to be the potential for this to carry on and escalate.”

Richard Prew, defending, said there was a long history to the matter but his client did not accept criminal culpability. He said there was not a constant barrage of loud music being played late at night.

“My client says the music was not too loud but these cases are all about interpretation” said Mr Prew.

He said Farnworth was looking to sell the house and wanted nothing to do with her neighbours.

Mr Prew said: “She wants a quiet life and doesn’t want to be constantly looking over her shoulder waiting for her neighbours to complain about something else.”