IMAGINE a burly man being dragged along to a past-life regression workshop by the wife... and remembering being a dainty girl, wearing pretty clothes with little pearly buttons.

It happens and happens regularly, according to therapist Moira Veevers.

Moira is a past life regression therapist, encouraging people to delve into their subconscious to reveal secrets they never knew they had.

It’s not just men discovering they were women in a previous life, as Moira herelf can testify.

A well-dressed and coiffed 58-year-old, she often finds herself remembering being a burly man, or “invincible male” as she puts it, in past-life sessions she has undergone.

Moira puts this down as a reason for her independence and long-standing reluctance to accept being physically less strong than the male of the species.

Having safely and successfully regressed more than 3,500 people all over the world over the past 20 years – according to her own figures – Moira has seen it all.

These include people with normal lives who whose past lives show links to historic “celebrities”, such as being Cleopatra’s cousin or being related to Napoleon.

In turn, today’s celebrities come to Moira to be taken back in time, though sadly Moira’s lips are sealed when it comes to names.

Now, she is getting ready to introduce a new batch of regression wannabes to their past lives.

On Sunday, from 1pm until 4.30pm, Moira will hold a Past Life Recall workshop in the Sky Room of the Sanctuary of Healing on Dewhurst Road in Langho.

The session will start with a guided meditation and lead to deep relaxation and the “alpha” state we all experience on falling asleep and waking where we feel relaxed but aware and alert.

It’s in this mental state that Moira encourages those attending her workshop to a happy past-life event. Some will catch few glimpses as though watching a film being fast-forwarded, while others will see a whole “story” unfold.

It’s a bit like having a daydream, yet it’s often accompanied by powerful emotions, even tears.

Yet the afternoon is billed as a “light-hearted but fascinating experience”, and Moira promises an 80 per cent “success rate”.

“It’s for people to dip their toe into past-life regression,” said Moira.

Her one-to-one sessions — which are often more therapeutic or “healing” in nature, getting at the root of anxieties, aimed at leading a happier life — are 98 per cent successful, she said.

Regression therapy can even save years of psychotherapy according to Moira, and she should know. Having studied psychology and molecular biology at university, she dithered between becoming “a shrink or a lab rat”, and then her father died.

A host of experiences in the wake of his death made the trained scientist believe there’s more between heaven and earth than meets the eye.

Eventually, she abandoned plans for a Master’s degree – and never looked back.

“I’ve been regressing people all over the world and it is a fascinating job to be involved in,” said Moira.

“Regression therapy is about the power of healing which is what I really like about it.”

Her most powerful example of the healing power of regression happened to Moira’s best friend. She became obsessively terrified of her youngest son dying, which came to a head when he was 13.

During a regression therapy session, the friend discovered her twin sister died in a past life during the days of pioneer America, at the age of 13.

Tranquillity and happiness were restored to the family after this.

  • Past Life Recall workshop, Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, Sunday, November 25, 1pm-4.30pm. Booking required, phone Moira 07528 233655.