A VANDAL has been spraying the word "eyesore" on various unsightly locations around Blackburn.

The latest target was a freshly-painted hoarding in the town centre.

The newly erected grey panels opposite Blackburn bus station were damaged on Monday.

The vandal had previously sprayed his ‘eye’ or ‘eyesore’ tag on similar empty hoardings and on the side of buildings around the town.

Now council bosses and traders’ leader Tony Duckworth wants the wielder of the spray can to stop as efforts are made to spruce up the centre of Blackburn.

The damaged hoardings went up recently around a small piece of council-owned land between Salford, Penny Street and Starkie Street.

The property, close to Thwaites Star Brewery, is earmarked for development, while the newly-painted panels were to be covered with a welcoming mural to match the ‘Blackburn’ welcoming sign opposite.

Now the environmental team at Blackburn with Darwen Council have painted over the ‘eyesore’ tag.

The borough’s town centre development manager Clare Turner said: “We don’t think the ‘eyesore’ sprayed on the hoarding was about about the panels but is a tag used by the person responsible.

“They are there because it is a development site we are getting ready to clear.

“The tag ‘eye’ or ‘eyesore’ has turned up in several places around the centre of Blackburn, notably near Townsmoor.

“We would like the person responsible to stop as we try to improve and regenerate the town centre, including a series of murals at key spots.

“Officials looking at putting a mural or image on the hoarding and have one or two early ideas but nothing definite yet.

“If anyone has any information about the person responsible could they contact the police or the council.”

Mr Duckworth, President of Blackburn and District Chamber of Trade said: “The council is trying to spruce up and brighten the town centre so we could do without this sort of thing.

“However the tag ‘eyesore’ could be appropriate to these grey panels.

“If they are going to put murals on hoardings they need to do it quickly in a manner than can be protected and cleaned.

“Anyone who can help identify the person responsible should contact the authorities.”