THE achievements of students at St Mary’s College in Blackburn were recognised at a prize-giving night.

Guest speaker on the night was director of education for the Salford Diocese Kevin Quigley.

And acting principal Frank Dixon congratulated students on a successful year.

Mr Dixon said: “As always on occasions such as this, we celebrate the achievements and efforts of learners at all levels, and this year again, we have many successes to mark.

“Results in AS and A levels and vocational courses placed St Mary’s College in the top 25 per cent of providers across the country, a tribute to the hard work of students and the dedication of staff.

“I hope that all our prize-winners tonight are now better placed to use your talents, gifts and skills to take up your own challenge in continuing to achieve, prospering in whatever field your studies have brought you to, and contributing to the regeneration of a better, more ethically sound society.

“May I congratulate you once again, and wish you all a happy, holy and peaceful Christmas, and further success.”

The awards

St Mary’s College, Blackburn Awards to Year 12 students

  • Accounting: Naeem Patel
  • Fine Art: Gabriella Charnley
  • Biology: Tom Hughes-Gooding
  • The Ken Smith Prize for Business Studies: Jessica White
  • Vocational Business: Level 2 Saqib Qureshi, Level 3 Paulina Paliwoda
  • Chemistry: Isobel Austin
  • Children’s Care, Learning & Development: Level 2 Jasmin Shaukat, Level 3 Rachel Whiteside
  • Edward Bell Prize for Classical Civilisation: Michael Bolton
  • Computing: Andrew Connor. Criminology: Emma Clegg. Dance: Karolina Bak
  • Digital Photography: Tyler Kearney
  • Economics: Sally Lam. Electronics: Oliver Mills. ECDL: Yasin Rifai
  • Ingham Prize for English Language: Matthew Fletcher
  • John Gannon Prize for English Literature: Maria Flanagan and Patrick Keane
  • Ingham Prize for English Language and Literature: Hannah Grice
  • Film Studies: Charlie Moreton-Birtwell
  • Financial Studies: Jazmina Cerna
  • Personal Finance: Saqib Qureshi
  • William J Stuart Prize for French: Yasmin Ajlouni
  • McNeil Prize for Geography: Eleanor Wilkinson
  • Geology: Heather Martin
  • College Association Prize for German: Sara Britcliffe
  • Government & Politics: Coral Dootson
  • Graphic Design: Shoaib Iqbal
  • Health & Social Care: Level 2 Esther Deen, Level 3 Kate Livesey
  • ICT: Saadiyah Patel. Law: John McKenna Hughes. Philip Graystone Prize for Mathematics: Amber Westmoreland
  • Media Studies:Kim Walsh
  • Bede Prize - Modern History: Charlotte Melia
  • Bede Prize - Medieval History: Joseph Scott
  • JC Woods Music Prize: Tom Scothern
  • Marjorie Proctor Shield and Prize for Music Technology: Elliot Dryden
  • Philip Cottam Prize for Outstanding Effort in Music: Oliver Pickup
  • BTEC Music: Nick Kelly
  • Performance Studies: Jessica Balderstone
  • Owen Lee Prize for Physics: Ryan Hurley
  • Psychology: Fakra Jabeen and Saaima Patel
  • Hughes Prize for Religious Studies: Amarjoit Kuner
  • Sociology: Maria Flanagan. Spanish: Joseph P Scott
  • Feroza Isa Memorial Prize for Textiles & Fashion: Cecily Astin
  • Prize for Drama & Theatre Studies: John McKenna Hughes
  • Total Theatre: Jessica Balderstone
  • Travel & Tourism: Tomasz Nowak and Rabia Mehmood
  • National Diploma in Sport: Megan Badger
  • Sport & Physical Education: Katie Baldwin

Special awards

  • Governors’ Prize: James Golding and Daniel McGrath
  • Principal’s Prize: Saul Rennison and Natalie Topham
  • Kevin O’Neill Award for Notable Achievement: Joseph N Scott
  • Peter Stokes Memorial Award for Perseverance: Matthew Denton
  • Smith Award for Perseverance: Adila Mahmood.
  • Veale Award for Determination: James Kearney
  • Citizenship Award: Saarrah Halleron
  • Kevin Cooper Memorial Award: Neil Kaye
  • The Rolland Award for Outstanding Performance in English: Zachary Hardman
  • Kenneth I James Memorial Award for service to the College: John McKenna-Hughes and Amy Shore
  • Catherine McHugh Memorial Award: Chelsea Hope and Abigail Brandwood
  • Margaret McNamee Award for Care in the Community: Bethany Cavill. Bethany Tomlinson andPaige Slater
  • Gladys Rhodes White Award for Perseverance and Determination: Rebecca Cockshott
  • Medical Studies Prize: James Golding and Mahomed Ibrahim

Post-19 education

  • Foundation Degree Achievement Award: Michael Hughes
  • Worden Shield and Prize for Outstanding Achievement, Post-19: Sarah Horman
  • Effort & Commitment in Undergraduate Studies: Marc Duckworth
  • The Maureen Coughlin Prize for Perseverance, Post-19: Shamila Naazl
  • Achievement in Essential Skills: Nazimabanu Patel
  • Progress in Essential Skills: Zoe Chadwick
  • Other outstanding achievements
  • Peel Scholarship: Sam Cox