MAYOR of Blackburn Zamir Khan started a series of visits to local businesses with a trip to the fast expanding Lancashire Confidential Shredding company in the town’s Glenfield Business Park.

He also popped into the neighbouring Auto Baler firm on the estate on Philips Road. Lancashire Confidential Shredding offers companies the ability to shred confidential documents securely either on or off site recycling the paper and saving around 14 trees for every tonne.

Based in Blackburn since 2006, the company covers the whole of Lancashire.

The company has since relocated to its new 10,000 sq.ft premises and will soon be looking to expand its workforce. Alongside Lancashire Confidential Shredding, Auto Baler provides the shredding machines and the balers used to compact the paper into blocks before recycling.

Mayor Zamir Khan, said: “This was a great way to start off these visits with a business that provides an essential service to throughout Lancashire”.