A GROUP of students from Blackburn got the chance to experience what life was like for a Namibian tribe during a fact finding trip.

Degree students from the University Centre at Blackburn College visited a village in the Kamajab region inhabited by Himba people.

They spent time watching the tribes women getting ready for the day, which involved applying homemade perfumes and a mixture of butter fat and ochre, called otjize, to protect themselves from the sun.

They also got the chance to visit the Etosha National park and took part in a range of activities including game drives, elephant tracking and horse riding.

Psychology student Hayley O’Brien, who went on the trip, said: “Visiting the local primary school put things into perspective for me. The teachers and children are so inspiring, they make the most of what little resources they have.

“But visiting the Himba tribe was the highlight of my trip. We heard from a 17-year-old girl who explained her life to us, and watched a group of tribeswomen get ready in the morning by applying a protective balm which turned them a funny shade of red.

“It was truly humbling to learn they choose to live such a simple yet traditional way of life. I would love to go back one day.”

The college offers a number of international trips designed as part of its strategy to internationalise the curriculum and enhance its students’ learning experience by widening their horizons.

Hayley said: “This opportunity has inspired me to pursue my dream of working with children as well as travelling and visiting schools worldwide to offer my assistance in any way that I can.”