BABY Corey Lee Andrews made a dramatic entry into the world – when he was delivered by his dad just minutes after his mum got off the phone to the hospital.

Proud parents Kieran Andrews, 23, a plasterer, and Chermayne Russell, 19, were surprised by their son’s speedy arrival.

Corey had been due on Wednesday, September 19.

On Saturday, Chermayne experienced back pain, but didn’t think anything of it.

Chermayne, who lives with Kieran, in Hollins Street, Blackburn, said: “I woke up in the early hours of Saturday with pins and needles in my back. I just ignored it and went to the park in Rishton with my little girl and partner.

“When I went to Kieran’s mum’s house later that evening the pains started getting a lot stronger and, at about 9.30pm, I phoned Burnley hospital and they said you can come to hospital but, if you’re not in full labour, we will just send you home.

“I was just about to go to the birthing centre when my waters broke seconds after I’d put the phone down. I felt like I needed to push.

“I was standing in the bathroom holding on to the radiator and my partner looked and said he could see the head.

“He phoned 999 and they talked him through getting the baby out. Corey came out on the third push. It only took about four minutes. We were both surprised at how quickly it happened. It’s still a bit of a shock.

“Before he saw the baby’s head Kieran was very relaxed. I think he started to panic a little when he knew he was going to deliver his son. He did a fantastic job.

“I wasn’t even screaming. I didn’t think I was in full-blown labour.

“If I had set off to the hospital, I would have had him in the car.

“My partner had hold of the baby when the paramedics arrived.

“They cut the cord and took me and baby to Burnley for a check-up.”

The healthy bundle of joy was born at the Florence Street address, in Blackburn, at 10.32pm, weighing 7lb 12oz.

The couple, who have been together for four years, also have a 22-month-old daughter called Lucy. Chermayne said Corey’s birth was a world away from her labour with their daughter. “My first birth was horrendous. I was in much more pain with Lucy.

“Corey is amazing and our little girl adores him.”