A NEW Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall is nearing completion in Blackburn - thanks to the dedication of 300 volunteers from across the North West.

Work started in June on the single storey building in Whalley New Road, and now the main structure is upright and waterproof.

Bill Boule, assistant design co-ordinator, said: “We’ve got the main structure up, and now we’re working on the roof, the plastering, electrics and things like carpet fitting.

“We’re allowed a maximium of 150 people on the site at any one time, but over the course of the build, there’s been about 300 in total.

“A small number of the volunteers are skilled workers such as bricklayers, but most are people who are retired or are giving up their time, who learn a skill as they go along.”

It is normal in the Jehovah’s Witness community for members to come together and build projects together in this way.

The new Kingdom Hall is expected to finish around the first week of September, and will cost a total of £500,000. It has been funded by the sale of the old place of worship on St Peter’s Street in Blackburn and donations from the congregations over the past decade.

Bill added: “We haven’t had a Kingdom Hall in Blackburn for 10 years.

“And when this is finished, it will allow us to create a hub for the two congregations, who have to travel out of town for meetings.

The new hall will reunite the two Blackburn congregations – Breakwater and Roe Lee – which each have around 80 members.