A TWELVE-hour vigil in memory of the victims of a double murder in Brunshaw, Burnley, took place yesterday.

Brunshaw Methodist Church opened its doors from 8am to 8pm for residents to go and pay their respects.

Neil Gilmore and James Atkinson, both 55, were found dead last Tuesday in a flat in Waddington Avenue.

The Rev Daro Kilagi, of Brunshaw Methodist Church, in Rimington Avenue, said the vigil was a chance for the community to come together.

He said: “I believe the church is still a strong part of the local community and we all feel the importance of the tragedy.

“The church is a place where members of the community can come and light a candle, say a prayer, or just sit for a few moments in silence, or contemplation.

“It is a chance to grieve.”

The community was left stunned when the bodies of Mr Gilmore and Mr Atkinson were discovered last week.

Three people have appeared in court in connection with the murder.

Kenneth Howson, 25, of Williams Road, and Daniel Waddington, 22, of Pine Street, Burnley, have been charged with murder.

Lee Howson, 18, also of Williams Road, has been charged with perverting the course of justice.

Mr Kilagi said: “I didn’t know the two men.

“I am fairly new to the area, but I have church members who did, and they speak very highly of them.

“It has shocked the whole community.

“You just don’t expect it.

“A lot of people have been to light a candle, or pay their respects, and for some people it has been a bit emotional.

“As a community church we have to help them get through it.”