PLANS to build 50 new homes on a field rumoured to contain the remains of civil war soldiers have been rejected.

Ribble Valley Borough Council turned down proposals for the Hammond Ground site between Whalley Road and George Lane in Read.

The land is used for sheep grazing but according to legend those who died in the Battle of Read Old Bridge in 1642 are buried in or around the rolling field.

Vice chairman of Read Parish Council Cllr Gillian Rostron said: “Personally I think its’s the right decision.

“It’s on park land that can never be replaced and is hundreds of years old.”

The plans included 30 bungalows arranged around a curving spine road as well as new public open spaces alongside a wildflower meadow and new water habitat.

When the plans were revealed in February last year many expressed concerns over potential traffic problems.

Proposals were submitted from the Trustees of the Hammond Ground.