POLICE have closed a problem house in Burnley following complaints of anti-social behaviour.

On Saturday evening, the Trinity Neighbourhood Policing Team served the occupier of a house in Cog Lane with a Temporary Premises Closure Order.


A court hearing will take place today in order to apply for a full Premises Closure Order.

That would see the property boarded up and closed for a period of not less than three months.

A police spokesman said: “The police action was the result of evidence gathering by both the police and Burnley Borough Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team with the support of the local community and is an example of the powers available in order to deal with significant anti-social behaviour.

“It is unfair on the community to have to put up with this type of behaviour and it will not be tolerated.”

Cllr Neil Mottershead, who represents the area, said: “I would like to thank the police and Burnley Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team for all they have done for the residents of this area in Trinity.

”Both myself and Cllr Charlie Briggs have done a lot of work with these residents and people should not have to live with this sort of behaviour. Let’s hope this serves as a warning to people.”