BATTLING 12-year-old Enola Halleron and her new best friend and helper Teddy the toy poodle will feature in a heart-warming television documentary next week.

The second episode of the series ‘Rescue Dog to Super Dog’ will show how the two have bonded and made each others’ lives better.


Enola has the rare Morquio syndrome, a severely debilitating condition that kills most sufferers by age 25.

Teddy, aged seven, arrived from Battersea Dogs Home to Blackburn in February to be helper, companion and playmate to the St Bede’s RC High School pupil.

The programme on Channel 4 on Wednesday, at 8pm, focuses on Enola and 12-year-old muscular dystrophy sufferer Dom and his Dalmatian called Daisy.

The series pairs dogs from rescue centres with disabled people and shows how two of the country’s top dog trainers transform these canine companions into brilliant helper dogs in just three months.

It shows how Jo-Rosie Haffenden brings small, fluffy and cuddly Teddy north and trains him to transform Enola’s life.

In November last year a campaign backed by the Lancashire Telegraph won approval from regulators for the NHS to provide Enola with the expensive but life-lengthening drug Vimizin to relieve the pain and effects of the incurable metabolic disorder which severely restricts her growth.

Her mum, Donna, said: “Teddy has been wonderful. Channel 4 contacted us and brought Teddy to Enola. We were helped by Jo and a trainer from Preston.

“Teddy assists Enola, who has been doing really well with Vimizin, with little tasks like opening doors and pulling her sock off. He also sits with her when she is watching TV or is in her room.

“Most of all Teddy is Enola’s. He is her special friend and companion and has really made a difference to her life.

“Teddy is warm, friendly and playful when he should be, and then really quiet when he is next to her. Enola and 17-year-old sister Cora love having him here. Our other dog Pepper has really taken to Teddy.”