A HANDYMAN from Clayton-le-Moors took matters into his own hands and fixed life-saving equipment that had been damaged by vandals.

Kind-hearted Daniel Bates, 23, heard the £1,500 defibrillator attached to Clayton-le-Moors Library in Pickup Street had had its handle snapped off, making it unfit for use.

The dad-of-one went to the cabinet, repaired the lock and the defibrillator free of charge enabling it to be used again.

The former St Wilfrid’s CE Academy pupil said the scout group, who had raised the cash to buy the life-saving equipment for the community, couldn’t afford to have it repaired.

He said: “The defibrillator cost a lot of money and I knew that the handle could be fixed.

“It wasn’t a tricky job but I spent about an hour re-attaching the handle.

“They are sturdy pieces of metal so it would have taken some force to get it off.

“My friend Keil Clitheroe gave me a lift down there with the tools and it’s now as good as new.

“It’s very important to have life-saving equipment like that to be ready to use at all times so it needed to be fixed as soon as possible.”

The defibrillator was bought after the 1st Clayton-le-Moors All Saints Scout Group completed a sponsored bike ride in 2014.

Residents took to Hyndburn Chat Facebook group to share their gratitude for Mr Bates’ good will.

Jackie Rawstron posted: “Nice one, it goes to show there are some decent folk out there.”

Claire Rothwell posted: “My faith in human nature has been restored by Daniel, he has not only repaired the cabinet but did it so without charge.

“Thanks again Daniel, you’re a star.”

Cllr Tim O’Kane, who represents Clayton-le-Moors, said: “It is good to see that for every bad guy there is a couple of good guys out there.

“It is very important to have this sort of life-saving equipment available to us and we were very pleased when the scout group gained the funding.

“It will be only a matter of time before the defibrillator is used and we welcome what Daniel has done."

“In times of austerity this sort of behaviour is invaluable.”