A JURY has been played wedding footage of a bride declaring her love for her new husband in Las Vegas, two months before she allegedly murdered him.

In the nine-minute clip, Sharon Edwards, 42, can be heard telling her solicitor partner David Edwards: “One year ago today you entered my life and I can honestly say you turned it upside down and swept me off my feet. You have shown me what true love is.”


Two months to the day following the wedding, 51-year-old criminal defence solicitor Mr Edwards was found dead in bed having been stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife on August 23, 2015.

At Manchester Crown Court the mother-of-four, who denies murder at their home in Chorley, sobbed as she watched the footage.

Wearing a tiara, white sleeveless lace gown and clutching a bouquet of lilies she can be heard at the ceremony describing him as ‘my true love’, ‘soulmate’ and ‘lover’.

Giving evidence in chief, she accepted that she was holding the knife at the time the wound was inflicted on August 23, 2015, but said she did not push the blade into his chest.

She claims her husband walked into the knife and together they cleaned up the blood before having sex.

The crown alleges that Mr Edwards had been the victim of domestic violence and was regularly beaten by Edwards, leaving him with scratch marks, bruises and black eyes.

Mr Edwards was said to have kept the domestic violence a secret, insisting that his injuries were accidental. He was recorded saying his new wife could ‘knock him out with one punch’ and that she hit ‘rather hard’, disclosing to a friend that she had ‘picked up a glass coffee table and hit him over the head with it’.

The court heard that Mr Edwards had returned home from his American wedding with a black eye and a split lip.

But Edwards told the court that his injuries were as a result of his heavy drinking.

Barrister David Fish QC asked her: “Did you push that knife into him deliberately?”

She replied: “No, I didn’t.”

Mr Fish continued: “Did you push it in intentionally?” Edwards said: “No, I didn’t.”

“Did you at any time during that incident on Sunday afternoon intend to kill him?” Mr Fish asked.

She sobbed: “No, I didn’t. I love him.”

Mr Fish asked: “Did you intend to cause him really serious harm?”

Edwards said: “No, I didn’t.”

Edwards first met her husband-to-be on her 27th birthday when the solicitor was representing her ex partner, John Pritchard, in court after he was accused and cleared of assaulting her.

The trial continues.