HIT BBC show Strictly Come Dancing has one again come under fire for asking female dancers to wear outfits that are too revealing.

Last year East Lancashire actress Natalie Gumede was a runner-up on the hit BBC show.

At the time the actress complained that she repeatedly had to ask the show's designers to add more material to her skimpy outfits, as they were too revealing.

The Burnley-born star said she preferred to be modest, and that the dresses were usually too short.

In the run up to last year’s final episode she said: “It's kind of down to costume in a way. I kind of turn up on Friday and see how much material is in the dress and nine times out of 10 I get some added.”

The launch show of the 2014 series is set to air at 8pm next Sunday, September 7 This week professional dancer Ola Jordan has accused Strictly producers of forcing participants to bare too much, in ever smaller outfits.

She claimed the revealing costumes made some contestants feel uncomfortable, and insisted the focus should be upon dancing abilities rather than skimpy outfits.

Maryrose Swarbrick, of the Blackburn-based Stage Door Theatre Company, said that if professional dancers were complaining about the costumes then there may well be an issue.

She said: “I do think there’s a trend now to show a little more flesh than is necessary.

“If it works with the dance, the music, the choreography, and it’s not vulgar in any way then I would say it’s okay.

“But if the dancers themselves are levelling the criticism then there may well be something wrong.

“If they are uncomfortable then there’s something not right.

“I haven’t seen the costumes myself, but if the dancers are making a fuss then it’s not good.”

Jayne Vernon, principal of Blackburn dance school DAPA (Dance and Performing arts), at Eanam said: “I do think that sometimes they don’t dress them appropriately for their age and size.

“They need to confident and comfortable.

“If we don’t feel happy in what we’re wearing none of us feel great.

“If can understand why they’re unhappy if they’re not made to feel good.”